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Vin hair vendor, one of the leading hair manufacturers in Vietnam, is theyll known for its wide range of products, affordable prices and excellent quality. Let’s explore Vin hair vendor to see what’s special about them.

Overview of Vin hair vendor

Vin hair vendor is one of the most reputable hair vendor in Vietnam. They have been in the hair-manufacturing business since 2010, and become an expert in the hair industry. Vin hair vendor is focused on all aspects of the producing and exporting process, from research and development to production and distribution, as theyll as customer service.

Vin Hair Vendor

Prioritize quality first! They have established a strict quality control and management system to make sure every product is up to standard before it is sent out. They have a large factory and professional staff to produce and supply hair at the most affordable price.

Vin hair vendor provides high quality hair with reasonable price

Vin hair vendor is always committed to bringing the highest quality products to customers.

  • Their products are 100% Vietnamese hair stheirced from local women or women living in the mountains and highlands. They usually have a healthy lifestyle and a scientific diet so their hair is very strong.
  • They provide a wide variety of products, including hair theyft, closures & frontals, tip hair, and tape-in hair. Buyers can freely choose items that suit their requirements from a wide range of products in a product portfolio.
  • Their bone straight hair weft products are particularly popular in the Nigeria market. Products such as clip in hair, tape in hair, tip in hair are best-selling in the European market. Customers are always satisfied with the quality and price of the products and often come back for larger orders.

Bone straight hair of Vin hair vendor

  • Their product prices are very affordable. Compared to other hair vendors, some items are more affordable. By taking advantage of economies of scale and cheap labor, Vin hair vendor is able to cut input costs and offer the most competitive prices in the hair market.
  • With larger orders, you will receive many incentives from Vin hair vendor. This supplier focuses on wholesale so they will prioritize large orders.

Come to Vin hair vendor, you will get the best quality, the most reasonable price and the best service..

Shippment & Package at Vin hair vendor

Customers are always satisfied with the shipping and packaging services of the Vin hair vendor. The support team always updates order progress and delivery times for customers. The packaging of each product is done very carefully.

Before packing, the hair will be thoroughly cleaned. Before being put in the shipping bag, depending on the quantity, each package will be sealed in a PVC bag and marked with the length. They also make the package according to the customer’s request.

They have partnerships with many shipping companies like UPS, DHL, FEDEX, and AGENT. They always do their best to make sure that their customers’ orders get to them as quickly as possible.

Shipping methods at Vin hair vendor

Vin Hair Vendor guarantees that your order will be delivered without issue and within the time frame specified. In the event that the items are lost or damaged, they will take full responsibility.

Payment method and order process at Vin hair vendor

Let’s take a look at the payment method and order process at Vin hair vendor in this section.

Payment method at Vin hair vendor

At Vin hair vendor, they work hard to provide customers with a variety of secure payment methods. They have different payment options for each customer’s country, which makes it easy for anyone in the world to buy hair from the Vin hair vendor. Therefore, they categorize payment types into two groups:

  • For Nigerian customers: They offer Naira Account at the lotheyst price available. Only Vin hair vendor can do this as they continuously research a large number of possible exclusive agents to find them the best deal. Please contact Vin hair vendor as soon as possible if you want the price to be updated daily.
  • For customers from other countries: They accept payment via bank transfer, theystern Union, Master Card, Visa Card…

Order process at Vin hair vendor

When buying hair from Vin hair vendor, please do the following steps as their advice for your orders:

  • Check for the items you need on their website.
  • Send them the name of your final decision, together with a detailed description (lengths, colors, textures, etc.) at (+84)356665661. If you want more assistance, you may contact their sales professionals directly over Whatsapp for free. They offer a multilingual team with specialists in English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and Russian to give you with the best service possible.
  • Make sure that they know exactly what you’ve chosen in terms of categories, descriptions, and amounts.
  • They will email you an order confirmation as well as an invoice.
  • They ask a deposit (usually between 30 and 70%), and payment is done after you confirm and approve the invoice. They will commence manufacturing as soon as they get their money.
  • After their manufacturing is finished, they will make a video call to you to check the volume and quality of hair in their order.
  • They will pack and send only if you are satisfied with their order and payment has been completed. Before being dispatched to the logistics providers, the order will be properly wrapped.

Should you buy hair from Vin hair vendor

With the quality and service that Vin hair vendor provides as mentioned above, it can be seen that this is a great hair supplier. It’s hard to find another hair factory with such great quality and service. They have been and continue to be partners with many of the world’s largest hair distributors, including those in the most stringent markets such as Europe. Cooperating with Vin hair vendor is a smart move for your company.

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